Exposed: Nina Jankowicz’s Shocking Betrayal Reveals Marxist Agenda Behind ‘Disinformation Studies’!

Exposed: Nina Jankowicz's Shocking Betrayal Reveals Marxist Agenda Behind 'Disinformation Studies'!
Exposed: Nina Jankowicz's Shocking Betrayal Reveals Marxist Agenda Behind 'Disinformation Studies'!
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Nina Jankowicz, possibly better recognized as the “Disinformation Mary Poppins,” in a shocking admission, exposed the disinformation industry as a front for promoting Marxist ideologies.

Jankowicz, the former head of the now dissolved Disinformation Governance Board, unveiled her truth during an online panel discussion on May 22nd. Interestingly enough, the event was held by The 19th, an organization known for advocating Marxist Critical Theory. The panel’s main agenda revolved around disinformation, voter registration, and democratic impediments.

During her speech, Jankowicz made no effort to hide her allegiance to Critical Theory, a school of thought rooted in Marxism that perceives societal dynamics through the lens of an unending power struggle between the oppressed and their oppressors. To take it up a notch, Jankowicz revealed that her approach to “disinformation studies” is heavily influenced by this radical theory.

In her words, Jankowicz’s studies are not limited to the political dimension of disinformation. She also delves into how disinformation impacts individuals with intersectional identities, echoing the notion that they are more susceptible to these campaigns.

In her own words, individuals having multiple identities of social discrimination witness compounded abuse and are often at the receiving end of more hostile attacks. To support her argument, she cited examples of female politicians receiving markedly more aggressive abuse than their male counterparts, hinting at a sinister scheme to discourage females from joining public life.

Among the many examples she referred to, she pointed out the criticisms centered on VP Kamala Harris and her established linkages with political figures like Willie Brown, the former Speaker of the California State Assembly. Jankowicz remarkably insinuated that men are somewhat immune to harmful gossip, suggesting a double standard at play with consequences capable of ruining women’s careers.

Jankowicz’s endorsement of censorship hasn’t gone unnoticed. Notably, Michael Shellenberger, a renowned journalist, recently named her in his Twitter Files, uncovering Jankowicz’s affiliation with Alethea, an anti-disinformation consulting firm assisting Twitter to refine their censorship strategies on dissenting voices. She also heads the American Sunlight Project, a pro-censorship advocacy group.

In conclusion, it’s glaringly clear that conservative voices are under threat. It’s high time to reach out to your representatives and demand accountability from Big Tech. Alongside mirroring the First Amendment, it’s crucial to seek clarity on hate speech and ensuring a level playing field for conservatives. If you have been a victim of unwarranted censorship, make sure to record it and join us in keeping Big Tech responsible for their actions.


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