You Won’t Believe How Networks Are Reacting to the Heartbreaking Hunter Biden Trial – Is Politics to Blame?

You Won't Believe How Networks Are Reacting to the Heartbreaking Hunter Biden Trial – Is Politics to Blame?
You Won't Believe How Networks Are Reacting to the Heartbreaking Hunter Biden Trial – Is Politics to Blame?
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The hypocrisy of the major networks ABC, CBS, and NBC rings clear, folks. They’ve dedicated a mere fraction of time to the start of Hunter Biden’s trial compared to the circus they made of President Trump’s. But shouldn’t they be serving unslanted truth and reliable news to the public? Apparently, that’s not a top priority anymore.

Take ABC’s Good Morning America, for instance. They practically threw a party for the start of the Trump trial, but with Hunter’s, they treated it like a sob story. Terry Moran, their senior national correspondent, portrayed this as a “sad and sordid tale of drug addiction”, but let’s not kid ourselves, this isn’t just about addiction – this is about lying and breaking the law.

We’re being asked to sympathize with ‘poor Hunter’, the President’s “only living son,” who is supposedly suffering from addiction. Almost as an afterthought, they touched on the actual charges – that in 2018, Hunter illegally purchased a revolver while addicted to drugs. But they’re quick to assure us of how much the President stands by his son, and how embarrassed he must be – as if that excuses the allegations at hand.

Let’s not forget that depending on the outcome, Hunter could face serious time for this. Oh, and he’s also got a federal tax evasion trial waiting for him in the fall.

The disappointment extends to NBC’s Today as well, who presented the whole ordeal as an unfortunate mishap for Hunter. Ryan Nobles, their Capitol Hill correspondent, portrayed him as a victim, rather than the alleged felon he is. Despite potential jail time looming over his head, they’re worried about how bad it looks for his family and how the Republicans will supposedly use this as a political weapon.

CBS Mornings played it a little straighter, but there was still an attempt to draw sympathy for Hunter. They played up his struggles with substance abuse when the actual issue here is about integrity, honesty, and adherence to the law.

The takeaway for you? It’s crystal clear that we are dealing with a media working double standards. President Biden isn’t being held accountable in the same way President Trump was. Sure, Hunter’s situation is “personal” and “embarrassing.” But come on, didn’t Trump’s family also endure trials and tribulations under relentless scrutiny?

In conclusion, folks, the disparity between the media’s treatment of these two situations is glaring. If you’re expecting balanced, fair, and truthful news, you’re in for a disappointment. Accountability, it seems, is reserved only for those on the right. However, we must continue to demand impartial and unbiased reporting – it’s a fundamental right in our free society. No personal issue or sympathetic backstory can be used to disregard allegations or potential criminal activity. It’s time we hold them to these standards.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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