WWII Bazooka Rocket & 1829 Jukar Pistol Found: Father-Son Duo’s Magnet Fishing Surprise in Michigan River!

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In a remarkable display of fruitful magnet fishing, father-son duo Xan and Cal Dulyea-Lowing made an astonishing discovery in Michigan’s Grand River – a live bazooka rocket from World War II and an 1829 Jukar Spain Pistol, Fox 17 News reports. Magnet fishers usually scour water bodies for metallic objects, often uncovering lost treasures or intriguing relics from the past. However, this extraordinary find has catapulted the Dulyea-Lowing duo into the limelight, showcasing the thrilling unpredictability of their unique hobby.

Cal, the son, admits that the excitement of not knowing what they might reel in is one of the primary reasons they love magnet fishing. Their remarkable findings have ranged from over 200 electric scooters near Michigan State University to a stolen motorcycle in 2023, which they diligently handed over to the local police. Such uncommon finds have motivated them to run a successful magnet-fishing business, where they frequently uncover valuable items like mopeds and computers.

The father and son consider their ventures as more than just a hobby; they believe they provide a public service by cleaning up the waters, thereby reducing potential hazards to those who swim or spend time nearby. Their efforts have not only become a means to bond with each other and explore the history hidden beneath the surface, but also contribute positively to their community.

The duo’s good intentions, unfortunately, could not be rewarded with the ownership of the live bazooka rocket and the pistol. When they contacted the local authorities to report the fascinating discovery, they were informed that the rocket had to be deactivated by the local bomb squad, and they were left to say goodbye to their prized catch.

Despite the bittersweet outcome, the Dulyea-Lowing pair remain steadfast in their hobby, undeterred by the challenges they occasionally face in turning over their findings to the appropriate authorities. Their shared passion for magnet fishing, coupled with their altruistic dedication to serve their community, continues to fuel their enthusiasm for venturing into the depths of Michigan’s waters.

As we reach the conclusion of this incredible story, we are left with a sense of fascination and admiration for the adventurous and civic-minded Dulyea-Lowing duo. They remind us of the endless possibilities that await us when we dare to explore the unknown and take on unusual pastimes. Recovering hidden relics from our collective past and safeguarding our present by removing potentially harmful debris from our waterways, the father-son team continues to fish for a brighter, cleaner future – one catch at a time.

Next News Network Team

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