You Won’t Believe How Chris Hayes Shockingly Supports ‘Targeted’ Hunter, Dims Light on Trial!

You Won't Believe How Chris Hayes Shockingly Supports 'Targeted' Hunter, Dims Light on Trial!
You Won't Believe How Chris Hayes Shockingly Supports 'Targeted' Hunter, Dims Light on Trial!
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On Tuesday night, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes made a fuss about Hunter Biden’s trial. He argued Hunter was the villain of a severe prosecution, looming over an alleged crime all while extending his sympathies towards Biden’s family. In his view, all this highlights a grand miscarriage of justice.

Hayes set the scene by drawing attention to Hunter’s straits. Hunter, the last living son of current U.S. President Joe Biden, and his First Lady, under a trial orchestrated by their very own Department of Justice. Interesting, isn’t it? Among his chaotic tirade, he expressed suspicion on the legitimacy of the prosecutor, David Weiss, aTrump administration remnant, who has, in his view, stuck to this case for an unjustified period of five years.

Hayes conveniently painted a sympathetic portrait of the younger Biden. But truthfully, the crime was anything but ambiguous; Hunter Biden had reportedly purchased a handgun in 2018 and allegedly twisted the truth regarding his drug use history on the federal paperwork. Quite the straightforward case.

In an attempt to magnify the absurdity of the prosecution, Hayes highlighted the potentially severe sentence that Hunter may face. Evidently, he held the purchased firearm for a brief 11 days, yet the repercussion of this is a possible 25-year prison sentence.

Adding to the irony is Hayes’s sense of moral outrage on MSNBC, faithfully favoring gun control for years. Yet, Hunter holding onto a firearm for a short spell of 11 days is somehow an outrage, though it surpasses the waiting periods staunchly implemented in liberally inclined states aiming for stricter gun control measures.

Let’s be clear; Hunter’s temporary possession of the firearm remains a crime. The Firearms Transaction Record strictly warns against dishonesty in any section of the form, punishable as a felony. It’s worth noting that the same prosecutor, David Weiss, was prepared to disregard this charge in a beneficial deal that would have considered a tax fraud charge instead.

In his hour-long report, Hayes showered abundant praises on President Biden’s response, comparing it starkly with an anticipated reaction from ex-President Donald Trump. Strangely enough, he once again expressed compassion for President Biden and his wife, who have to bear the harsh reality of their son on trial.

Chris Hayes believes none should be exempted from the law when it comes to Donald Trump, but surprisingly, his tune changes when it concerns Hunter Biden.

In the grand scheme of things, Hayes’s perspective is narrow and blatantly biased. It’s important to value facts over sentiments in matters of justice, and despite Hayes’s attempt at drawing sympathy, the reality of Hunter Biden’s alleged offence remains. He broke the law, and now he ought to deal with the consequences, what he faces is neither arbitrary nor overly harsh, but rather a direct consequence of his alleged actions. No rhetoric should mask this simple truth.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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