Shocking: CBS Advocates Violence Over Peaceful Political Revolution – Click to Discover Why!

Shocking: CBS Advocates Violence Over Peaceful Political Revolution - Click to Discover Why!
Shocking: CBS Advocates Violence Over Peaceful Political Revolution - Click to Discover Why!
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In a seemingly manipulative show, CBS Mornings shared the spotlight with a leftist author who implies a need to reject non-violence as a means to political progression. This instance reiterates the liberal media’s push for skewed narratives, demonstrating their unyielding resolve to mask the facts with an unsightly display of bias.

In conversation with Wellesley College’s Professor Kellie Carter Jackson, CBS Mornings tries to hail her new book, ‘We Refuse: A Forceful History of Black Resistance’. Spreading a narrative far removed from the principles of neutrality and balance, the show’s anchors indulged in praise for the book which looks down upon non-violent approaches, appraising it as a mighty dialogue on ‘what works’ politically.

Professor Jackson’s outburst reveals her reasoning behind writing the book – sheer disappointment. Her anger springs from her idea that the Black Lives Matter riots failed to fulfill attendees’ hopes of rectifying racial injustice. This unsettling admission from Jackson should make anyone with a shred of basic democratic values balk.

The Professor, in an alarmist statement, hinted at white people not being on the receiving end of hate crimes. Through her narrative, she attempted to debunk the idea of non-violence, claiming it held us back from acknowledging the ‘Black Responses’ to white supremacy.

CBS’s co-host, Vladimir Duthiers, helped her further develop this skewed discourse. He prompted her to compare the non-violence principle with that of the Haitian Revolution. She irrationally argued that the American Revolution was not genuine, making a baseless statement about how it failed to eradicate the unjust system of slavery.

In a bid to justify her blatant promotion of aggression over a peaceful resolution path, Jackson argued that choosing between violence and non-violence isn’t required while countering white supremacy. She then warned about non-violence being ‘performative’ and failing to achieve results.

Regrettably, CBS Mornings’ action mirrors NBC’s folly when they allowed two appearances by Antifa supporter Mark Bray in 2017. Just after the tragic Congressional Baseball Shooting, NBC irresponsibly gave him a platform, thereby igniting and supporting left-wing fanatics.

In conclusion, CBS Mornings’ attempt at promoting a book that blatantly backs violence and underplays the role of a peaceful protest makes a mockery of the democratic ideals we hold dear. It’s time we hold such media outlets accountable for propagating such polarizing views, which can further embattle our already fractured society. It’s high time we strive for fair representation of views, not destructive ideologically biased endorsements.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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