You Won’t Believe the Shocking Truth About These Convicted Felons and Brazen Frauds!

You Won't Believe the Shocking Truth About These Convicted Felons and Brazen Frauds!
You Won't Believe the Shocking Truth About These Convicted Felons and Brazen Frauds!
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Trump faces prison, yet he’s still neck and neck with Biden. Things are heating up, folks. Trump, charged on 34 felony counts by a NYC jury, might end up doing time. However, this hasn’t shaken Trump supporters. Recent polls reveal Trump and Biden are running almost dead-on, surprising liberal media channels. How’s Trump gaining popularity despite his legal entanglements? The answer lies in two words – Biden’s incompetence.

Biden’s presidency has been nothing short of a disaster. Americans have persistently dealt with the heavy toll of inflation for the last three years. Biden’s pursuit of “equity” has only led to legal systems that divide us further. Our international relations are not in any better shape. Biden’s handling of the Ukrainian conflict and his interference in Israel’s defense against Iran and Hamas have drawn critics worldwide. Not a single corner of the planet appears to be in better shape since he took office, pointing out his incapability of effective leadership.

Adding to Biden’s terrible track record is his hypocrisy. After Trump’s conviction, Trump criticized the system, which was a predictable move. Biden responded by reinforcing his narrative that Trump’s opposition is a threat. A staggered Biden took the podium to preach about justice and alleged it was reckless and dangerous for anyone to dismiss the legal outcome just because they didn’t agree with it.

The irony of Biden championing for democracy is just hard to ignore. He’s the same leader who used his powers to force COVID-19 vaccines on millions of Americans. He was willing to overstep legal boundaries to alleviate student loan debt and even openly boasted about ignoring the Supreme Court. His administration gave him a pass for mishandling confidential data by labeling him a dotard. He has found ways to weaken every institution and compromise our constitutional rights. So, Biden’s claims about Trump undermining institutions simply don’t carry weight when they come from a President who has done nothing but undermine institutions himself.

All of this points to one glaring fact – Trump might oddly benefit from this situation. The majority of Americans may interpret Biden’s move to jail his chief political rival as an act of partisan bias, a move unbecoming the leader of the world’s most powerful republic. Biden’s promise during the 2020 elections was stability and normalcy, but his term brought anything but. Now all that remains are ineffective condemnations of Trump. These empty slogans won’t hold water if gas prices remain sky-high, grocery bills keep soaring, and global stability continues to deteriorate. All said and done, the 2022 election is gearing up to be unpredictable and momentous.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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