Susan Sarandon Shocks Everyone: Rejects Claims of Hamas Violating Israeli Women

Susan Sarandon Shocks Everyone: Rejects Claims of Hamas Violating Israeli Women
Susan Sarandon Shocks Everyone: Rejects Claims of Hamas Violating Israeli Women
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The Hollywood stage’s drama isn’t limited to movies; at times, it spills over into real-world politics. Take actress Susan Sarandon for instance – a champion of Palestinian rights and frequently at the center of controversy for her remarks.

Last year, Sarandon raised eyebrows and lost her agent following some distasteful statements at a pro-Palestinian rally. Among other things, she tacitly encouraged an intifada and echoed the rhetoric of Palestine’s absolute freedom, both phrases thrumming with undertones of anti-Semitism. She did apologize, but was that truly enough? Is regret sincere when actions and words continue to contradict it?

Her defiance continued in an encounter with pro-Israeli activist, Keren Picker, at a Palestinian rally. Picker challenged Sarandon on her thoughts on the Israeli/Hamas war and the innumerable acts of terror and sexual assault performed by Hamas. Sarandon brushed it off calling them ‘myths’, an astonishing display of denial towards the ruthless reality.

This calls to question whether Sarandon has seen the theater production, “October 7”, or the documentary “Screams Before Silence”. Both depict the horrors of the day which Sarandon denies, the violent afflictions Hamas subjected its victims to. Sadly, many media platforms and critics are indifferent to these distressing accounts, mirroring Sarandon’s dismissive attitude.

In a recent online move, Sarandon yet again landed in hot water following her suggestive allegations of Israel committing genocide in its war against Hamas. Even following prior professional fallout stemming from her boldly controversial statements, Sarandon’s comments continue to escape the media’s scrutinizing eye.

Public influence is not limited to Sarandon. She’s not alone in the glamour industry in denying the reality of Hamas’ abominable acts towards women. Comedian Bassem Youssef, too, indicated skepticism towards the sexual crimes committed by Hamas. These conspicuous denials highlight a growing trend of reality distortion by influential personalities for the sake of politics.

What’s clear is this – the stage of Hollywood extends beyond the reels of movies. As a society, and especially in the age of social media, we must remain vigilant in questioning what we are shown and told, from the government and the Hollywood elite. Sarandon’s case illustrates this. The scrutiny must extend equally across all spectrums, not merely be restricted to one camp or cause, if our society is to thrive on fact and truth rather than unfounded fiction.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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