NY Times Twists Heroic Hostage Rescue into Controversial Israeli Mission – Find Out Why!

NY Times Twists Heroic Hostage Rescue into Controversial Israeli Mission - Find Out Why!
NY Times Twists Heroic Hostage Rescue into Controversial Israeli Mission - Find Out Why!
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Can you believe this? The New York Times actually found something negative to say about the jaw-dropping, elegantly executed rescue of four innocent Israeli civilians by the formidable Israeli Defense Forces. Instead of celebrating the relief and joy this brings to the Israeli populace, reporter Isabel Kershner tried to rain on their parade.

Sunday’s headline was grim enough, emphasizing the demise of several Gazans over the outstanding hostage deliverance. But then Kershner had to add her own twist with her obviously sympathetic outpouring towards Hamas. Doesn’t it amaze you how she found more to empathize with in the terror group than the people who live under the constant threat of their violence?

From her report, you’d think that instead of being a reason for rejoicing, the fearless rescue mission was insignificant because it did not magically solve all of Israel’s problems. In the midst of conflict, Israelis had witnessed fallen loved ones. These four survivors, saved from a horrible fate, provided them with some much-needed hope and a reason to be proud of their country. To dishearten them in this way is nothing short of irrational.

Hold on to your hats, for the criticism doesn’t end there. Kershner goes on to recount how by Sunday, people were facing reality again – talks of casualties among Palestinians, the enduring challenges of the Israeli government, and the prolonging war in Gaza. Not once did she highlight the continued threats posed to Israel by the same Hamas she sympathizes with.

She quotes an Israeli columnist, Nahum Barnea, to re-emphasize Israel’s persistent challenges, never pointing out that solving them all in a day is not a feasible expectation.

Interestingly, the reporter also seems quite concerned about the predicament of Hamas, even airing their threat to escalate crimes against the remaining hostages. She asserts the rescue will harden Hamas’s stance, making things worse for the remaining captives, and failing to hide her bias.

It is truly shocking how pro-Palestinian leaning, anti-Israeli bias seeps through lines of this report, dismissing Jewish victims of Palestinian terrorism. The way it uncritically parrots the Hamas narrative, one might mistake it for a proponents’ pamphlet, not a news article in a reputed outlet. Let’s appreciate and applaud the bravery of the Israeli Defense forces and, god forbid, express some sympathy for their innocent civilians for a change. Intriguing, isn’t it, to see how a successful rescue mission can be so dramatically spun?


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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