Psaki Makes False Statement About Biden Trip

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Psaki did this. It’s been pretty obvious since he took office that Joe Biden needs help.  He has his fixers but they either aren’t good at their jobs, or he’s just impossible to supervise…maybe both.  Here’s more about the White House’s most recent lie.  

Spencer Brown from Townhall reports, The White House and President Biden have spent the week flip-flopping like a fish out of water when it comes to what President Biden says, who he’s speaking for, and what it means. 

Psaki said this on tuesday.
Psaki said something crazy about Biden’s recent trip.

After the communications nightmare that was his trip to Europe last week, several Biden statements needed to be walked back by the White House or other senior officials in the Biden administration.

As we covered yesterday, Biden’s handlers had given their boss a very simple cheat sheet before Monday’s press conference which had the easiest of talking points on it — Biden was to say that his statement in Poland about Putin remaining in power was merely personal frustration and his words were not a signal of a change in U.S. policy toward Russia’s leader. But he didn’t stick to the script that was apparently provided to him… and that created more problems on Tuesday.

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield stated in her press briefing Tuesday that “Only President Biden decides what President Biden is going to say.”

Bedingfield is right, but only partially — President Biden has proven that he cannot be managed. He will say whatever he wants, however damaging it may be to his administration’s work to maintain consistent or on-topic messaging. But how can the White House — which just got caught telling Biden what to say after he said the wrong thing — claim that Biden decides what he’s going to say? 

She could have simply explained, whether true or not, that the cheat sheet Biden was photographed with in Monday’s Q&A with the press was merely a simplified reiteration of what President Biden, in consultation with the White House communications team, had decided was his administration’s position. It would have contradicted what Biden himself said in Poland, but it might have flown a bit better than what she claimed. Psaki.

It’s been fairly obvious for awhile — since the days Biden was kept in his basement by campaign staff in 2020, to his odd statements about how he’ll be in trouble with his handlers since taking office, and as seen in the clean up his administration has to do whenever he truly speaks his mind — that what Biden says is not entirely up to him. It’s the result of attempts by his staff to keep him from making gaffes that all too often fail to curtail his own confusing commentary. Psaki.

CLOSE:  It’s sad to think that the POTUS even needs supervision, but he does.  Someone at the White House appears to have tried, giving him a cheat sheet even, in case he forgot what he was supposed to say.  Many of us have used cheat sheets before, to get us through a public speaking event or a contest, but what appears obvious with Biden is that he is incapable of sticking with his pre-arranged talking points.  Should a President have to use a cheat sheet?  Answer Yes or No in the comments. 

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Psaki Makes False Statement About Biden Trip

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