Jill Forced To Read For Joe At Easter Event, As Easter Bunny Stops Him From Speaking At All

Jill Biden Reading for Joe Biden at Easter
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When you’re the POTUS you should be “allowed” to read a book to some children on Easter.  Not Joe Biden though.  He got to read one page then had to hand it over to his wife.  And then there’s what the Easter Bunny did….  

Martin Walsh from Conservative Brief reports, The White House hosted the first Easter Egg Roll since 2019 this week and it didn’t take long for President Joe Biden to have an embarrassing moment.

First Lady Jill Biden and the president sat next to one another on the South Lawn to read a children’s book, but things took a turn when Joe Biden sat down next to Jill and said they weren’t going to let him do any reading.

After reading a few lines, Joe handed the speaking duties over to Jill and just held the book for her.

Then, spidey-senses everywhere were tingling when Biden, greeting the crowd, was quickly spirited away by none other than the Easter Bunny the minute serious foreign policy questions arose.

At first glance, Biden appeared to simply wander over to greet some spectators — only to be approached by the Easter Bunny and guided back away from the gathered crowd.

But a closer look — from a different angle — revealed that Biden was talking foreign policy when the giant costumed rabbit intervened.

The embarrassing moments came on the heels of a new poll showing a chunk of voters saying they don’t believe Joe Biden will make it beyond a firm term in office.

After a year of record inflation, gasoline price hikes, lockdowns, a surge of illegal immigration, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and many other issues, some voters don’t know if Biden will last another two and a half years.

Predictably, most Americans (71%) said Biden was likely to last through his four years. But 21%, or one in five, said it was “not likely” he would last.

They know Biden isn’t right, there’s just no two ways about it.  What happened on Easter day makes it crystal clear that he is being controlled.  This sort of thing makes the whole country look weak and unstable.  Is it time for Congress to act?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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