Franklin Graham DESTROYS Disney: Morals Are “IN THE GUTTER”

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Legendary Christian Preacher Franklin Graham set his sights directly at the Walt Disney corporation this week for their incessant meddling in Florida politics that threatens to take away the rights of parents to raise their own children. Not only that, but he gave a HUGE boost to a certain politician who lives in the state.

Franklin Graham, who is known for his outspokenness in the world of politics while proclaiming the word of Christ, weighed in against the media giant after they began publicly speaking out against Florida’s new parental rights bill which the left dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Graham wrote on Facebook, “LGBTQ activists are using corporations to force their agenda on the public, and companies may want to take another look at what they are allowing to happen. Disney has gone too far. The people of Florida have revolted, and it’s going to cost Disney big time. Disney had a special tax status in the state which they benefited from in a huge way—but because they came out against the parents of Florida, the governor and legislators have revoked that status.”

His post continued, “What has happened at Disney is moral failure. Walt Disney had a vision for wholesome family entertainment. He was committed to the family. The morals of the corporate leadership of Disney today are in the gutter, and they want to redefine family counter to God’s original design and flaunt sin.”

Graham, a well known Republican, also peppered in his support for Governor Ron DeSantis, “Thank God for Governor Ron DeSantis who is willing to take a bold stand. We need more leaders like him. God bless him and the Florida legislature.”

He ended his post by saying, “I’m in Orlando right now with our Samaritan’s Purse Operation Heal Our Patriots military veteran couples and it is absolutely beautiful! I can tell you there’s a TON of fun things for families to do here other than supporting Disney.”

Since Disney’s push against the new bill, Governor Ron DeSantis has spearheaded an effort that resulted in Florida revoking Disney’s right to self-govern their theme park by their own rules and laws. Many other states are now trying to lure Disney and their billions of dollars in industry out of Florida now, and legal experts have also floated the possibility of them suing Florida for suppressing their free speech rights to weigh in on politics.

Walt Disney would be rolling over in his grave right now if he could see what his company has become. Instead of defending parents and children, they have decided to play politics and take the side of the left. Do you think this current scandal will do serious damage to Disney or will it all blow over in a few months?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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