Creepy Ohio School Board President John Gray Caught Red Handed Trying to Meet 11 Year Old Girl

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Two groups, PCI: Predator Catchers Indianapolis and PCM: Predator Catchers Muncie, do some really good work and should be commended. They caught now former Ohio School Board President John Gray, as he tried to meet up with what he thought was an 11 year old girl at a Dollar General Store two hours from his home.

This video is hard to watch, folks. At the same time, it’s deeply eye-opening and should remind parents that they must remain vigilant, to keep their kids safe online from sexual predators.

John Gray was serving his fifth year as President of the Goshen Local School board in Goshen, Ohio up until he was caught red-handed by volunteers with PCI and PCM. While he tried to play innocent and talk his way out of the trap he found himself in, the volunteers were brilliant in how they let him keep digging himself deeper and deeper.

If you can stomach it, take a look at the video. He does a pretty good job of playing innocent (except for the obvious fact that he is a 55 year old man meeting an 11 year old stranger at a Dollar General) until about 20 minutes and 50 seconds in. The volunteers do a great job of trapping him into admitting he planned to watch movies and “cuddle” with the girl. Of course, he says, he just wanted to help her.

While police came and handcuffed Gray, sadly no charges have yet been filed against the sicko. At least the investigation is ongoing and, hopefully, he will be criminally charged. At least now everyone can know his name, his face, and how disgusting he is. And luckily he will no longer have a position where he can be around parents and children. Please remain vigilant with your precious babies.

Stacey Warner

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