Bill Maher Mocks Woke For Pronoun Obsession

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Bill Maher slammed liberals Friday, something he does much more often lately. In the wake of the leaked Supreme Court opinion that foretold the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Maher said this:

“The big news…. They’re going to get rid of Roe versus Wade after 49 years. And as soon as this was leaked, protesters immediately gathered outside the Supreme Court. Memo to my Democratic friends. More effective when you’re on the inside. Oh, yeah. Now it’s just going to be a race with the Waffle House states to just get more and more restrictive about abortion. Oklahoma already has one on the books. Six weeks can’t get an — after six weeks. Most women don’t even know they’re pregnant at six weeks. They don’t even know if they like the guy. Six weeks. That’s a quick look. Oh. Louisiana wants to pass a law that says flat out if you get an abortion, you get charged with murder. Wow. Suddenly getting the right pronoun doesn’t seem so big, does it? But on the bright side, it’s not really that big of a bright side. But in Louisiana, okay, if the fetus is absolutely a human being and you’re driving alone to another state to get an abortion, you can use the carpool lane.” (emphasis added)

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Maher also criticized pro-choice protestors for saying that overturning Roe v. Wade will send us back 50 years, saying that’s “factually inaccurate.” He explained, “[m]ost abortions now, even when you go to a clinic, are done with the pill. The pill. And pills are easy to get in America. So, you know, for the people who say we’re going back to 1973, we’re not. That’s just factually inaccurate.”

Do you think any part of what Maher said is right? If so, which part?

Stacey Warner

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