CNN Host Calls Children With Abnormalities a “Tragedy” in Abortion Debate

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In an abortion debate between CNN host Jake Tapper and Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, Tapper called women with fetuses with potential abnormalities a “tragedy inside them.” Horrifically, this obnoxious statement was made on Mother’s Day.

Here are Tapper’s exact words: “Let me ask you, what about a fetus that has serious or fatal abnormalities that will not allow that fetus to live outside the womb? Is the state of Mississippi going to force those girls and women who have this tragedy inside them to carry the child to term?”

The only reasonable and rational person in the above conversation was Governor Reeves. Tapper kept fixating on situations that are relatively rare, like incest and cases where the child in utero has a serious abnormality. Governor Reeves even said “…if we need to have that conversation in the future about potential exceptions in the trigger law we can certainly do that…[.]”

Governor Reeves pointed out that “less than 1% of all abortions in America” are a result of incest. Tapper was very scientific in his arguments for aborting what he referred to as tragedies inside the womb. Here’s what he said: “the law in [Mississippi] and the exceptions that the law does not offer to Mississippi women and girls who are victims of incest, who have fetuses that have fatal or very serious abnormalities, which is not really that rare to be honest. I mean, I know plenty of women that that has happened to.”

He knows plenty of women that has happened to? Governor Reeves must have thought he was debating a child, since that is such an immature argument. It’s literally what people say when they have absolutely no real proof for their stance.

Liberals try to act like conservatives are extremists when, in fact, they are the extremists. Roe v. Wade basically allows women to get an abortion for any reason or no reason at all. Most other countries have restrictions on abortions. “The abortion laws in American, that is what is extreme,” Governor Reeves said. “The abortion laws are extreme relative to the rest of the western world. …39 out of 42 countries in Europe would still have more restrictive abortion laws [than in the U.S] .”

Who’s more extreme, liberals or conservatives, when it comes to abortion?

Stacey Warner

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