Former Press Secretary Calls Psaki “Unethical And Wrong” For Negotiating Media Job From The Podium

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Former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer did not hold back on his thoughts of Jen Psaki negotiating a media deal with MSNBC while still holding the position of Press Secretary.

He called her unethical and wrong.

You can watch Psaki shed tears as she left her role as the White House Press secretary on May 05, 2022.

Spicer told the Daily Signal that ethical standards bar her from continuing to serve in her current role.

“This is unprecedented. And with all due respect, look, I’m glad Jen’s got a new job. It’s a tough job being a press secretary. I wish her all the best, and I’m glad she’s found a soft landing, and I think that that’s great,” Spicer said. 

“But you can’t then continue to serve. You can’t sit at that podium knowing that your future colleagues are sitting there [and] they can’t embarrass you, so they’re not going to ask you tough questions, you don’t want to do anything. I mean, this is so unethical and wrong. She is the first press secretary to ever go straight from the podium to hosting a show,” Spicer continued.

While Spicer is also in the media business, he waited more than two years before becoming the host of “Spicer & Co.” on Newsmax. 

Spicer is not the first person to complain about the ethics of Psaki who is desperately trying to leave the Biden administration.

A complaint by the Protect the Public Trust, a group consisting of retired and former public servants, urged the Office of Government Ethics and the Department of Justice to conduct an investigation into Psaki’s alleged “conflict of interest” in an April 19 letter, according to Daily Caller. The group demanded that any “recusals and negotiations’ ‘ related to her potential employment be publicly released.

Do you think Jen Psaki should have been removed from her position as Press Secretary due to unethical behavior? 

Ed Gonzalez

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