After Weeks of Delay Biden Finally Invokes DPA on Baby Formula

Biden Addresses Concerned parents about baby formula.
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Joe Biden sure likes to take his sweet time when it comes to solving a crisis. Inflation? Just pretend it doesn’t exist. The end of title 42? We’ll just deal with immigration later. Now the slowest leader we could ever imagine has FINALLY taken action to resolve the baby formula crisis.

Biden has finally invoked the Defense Production Act, a tool reserved for the Executive Branch which allows the US government to force production facilities to make products we need.

The White House said in a statement, “The President is requiring suppliers to direct needed resources to infant formula manufacturers before any other customer who may have ordered that good.”

The White House continued, explaining how the new order will speed up the process, “Directing firms to prioritize and allocate the production of key infant formula inputs will help increase production and speed up in supply chains.”

The President also released his own video statement highlight the action. In it he said, “I know parents all across the country are worried about finding enough infant formula to feed their babies. As a parent and as a grandparent, I know just how stressful that is.”

The invocation of the DPA follows along with the Food and Drug Administration’s Monday decision to increase the supply of foreign baby formula in the US. By contrast, the United States normally produces 98% of it’s own formula.

The FDA also announced they will be reopening the Abbott baby formula production plant in Sturgis. The plant was closed down after formulas produced there were linked to the deaths of 2 infants in the country. The FDA announced they will be keeping a close eye on Sturgis production following the reopening to try and avoid a similar outcome.

All of these rapid fire actions from the Biden administration follow last week’s revelations that the US government has a large supply of unused baby formula on hand that they have reserved specifically for illegal immigrants crossing the border. This is despite the fact that US citizens still cannot find the nutritional supplement for their own children.

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Do you think Biden’s actions of baby formula came quickly enough? Do you think the Democrats tried to time it so the new formula shows up right before the upcoming election?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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