Senator Rand Paul Wants The Supreme Court To Use Lie Detector Test To Find Leaker

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The country was turned upside down a few weeks ago, after someone leaked a draft opinion from the SCOTUS. The draft opinion was regarding the fate of Roe v. Wade and made liberals very unhappy.

Democrats don’t seem to care much about who was responsible for the leak, but Republicans understand that it very much matters. Rand Paul knows it matters so much that he wants the Supreme Court to make all possible culprits submit to a lie detector test.

Chief Justice promised to undertake an investigation to find the perpetrator who “betrayed the confidences of the Court.” But that was on May 3 and so far we still don’t know who did it.

Rand Paul gave his ideas to Fox & Friends: “I think here are forensic ways to figure out – it’s a very small group of people. We’re not talking about hundreds of people. I think we might be talking about a dozen people that would be suspects in this. And frankly, there are times when I think employment could ask for a lie detector test. I’d bring in the 12 people and I would ask them all under oath and with a lie detector test: “Did you leak this document?” Because this shouldn’t happen.”

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Rand Paul is no stranger to his privacy being invaded. That is exactly what happened to the Supreme Court Justices when the perpetrator leaked the draft opinion: their privacy and the privacy of the highest Court in the land was invaded.

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Rand Paul also thinks that, once the perpetrator is identified he or she should be fired, prosecuted and disbarred. This person, after all, betrayed the trust not only of the SCOTUS, but of every single American, by leaking the draft opinion on the fate of Roe v. Wade. Do you agree with Senator Paul?

Stacey Warner

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