DOJ Employees Think Government Should Cover Time Off For Out of State Abortions

DOJ employees demand
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The things liberals think the government should pay for can seem absurd to conservatives. Endless unemployment, childcare, waiving student debt and more. Now, some Department of Justice employees are asking the government to pay for them to take time off to go get an abortion.

“A group of Department of Justice (DOJ) employees sent a letter to the Biden administration Wednesday with a call for workers to be granted paid leave at taxpayer expense if they travel out-of-state for an abortion,” says Breitbart.

DOJ GEN Tweeted: “We hope this helps spread the word about DOJ GEN’s campaign to secure administrative leave for federal employees who need to travel to another state to receive abortion care. Feds deserve this accommodation, and the Administration can provide it.”

The DOJ Gender Equity Network told the Biden administration in a letter that it is “deeply concerned about the ability of hundreds of thousands of federal employees and their families to access reproductive healthcare because of restrictive state laws that are already, or may soon be, in effect in their states.”

The DOJ Gender Equality Network compared their ask to how the Biden administration mandated that agencies grant federal employees time off to get Covid vaccinations. Nancy Pelosi has already said that private companies should cover travel expenses for employees who must travel to another state to get an abortion, so the federal government should do the same, according to the DOJ Gender Equality Network.

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Some private companies have already said they would help employees if they had to travel to another state to obtain an abortion. The DOJ Gender Equality Network thinks they should receive the same treatment.

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Here’s just one of the problems with the proposal: tax payer monies would be used to cover something with which many taxpayers vehemently disagree. And not do they just disagree, they find what they would be paying for morally repulsive. If some private companies choose to help employees with obtaining an abortion, that’s between them and their God. Should taxpayer money cover time off for government employee’s to get an abortion? Or should these government employees go work elsewhere?

Stacey Warner

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