New Poll Shows Biden’s Numbers Drop to All-time Low

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President Joe Biden’s approval rating dipped to the lowest point since his inauguration. A new poll shows deepening distrust in the President’s ability to effectively lead the country.

According to a poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Research, only 39% of U.S. adults approve of Biden’s performance as president.

AP-NORC poll shows 39% of voters approve of Joe Biden’s performance as President

Overall, only about 2 in 10 adults say the U.S. is heading in the right direction or the economy is good. Both figures are down from about 3 in 10 a month earlier. Those drops were concentrated among Democrats, with just 33% within Biden’s party saying the country is headed in the right direction, down from 49% in April.

It’s hard to believe that even 2 out of 10 Americans think Joe Biden is doing a good job. The economy is in shambles. Gas prices are surging, inflation is soaring, there’s a baby formula shortage, and congress is sending billions of dollars overseas in the midst of these crises.

Tennessee Republican Rep. Chuck Fleischmann spoke to NewsMax about the recent poll numbers, saying he thinks they are even lower than what is being reported. “Every decision he makes is wrong,” he said. “He can’t get one right, and I think it’s their fundamental ethos that is flawed. The American people are rejecting Joe Biden.” reported earlier this month on Biden’s already low polling numbers, showing voters trust republicans over democrats to handle crime, the economy and inflation. This new poll reaffirms this and spells trouble for democrats in upcoming midterm elections. Fox Business has more,

It’s almost as if Joe Biden is purposely trying to destroy America. At the current trajectory, it will be difficult for democrats to regain the trust needed from voters to succeed in the midterms elections. Even with the Democrats’ constant cover up for Biden combined with his own administration’s continuous cleanup of his gaffes, Americans know that he is a complete failure.

New Poll Shows Biden’s Numbers Drop to All-time Low

Aldo Buttazzoni

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