School Lunch Programs Latest Victim of Inflation

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Inflation has hit record high levels in the United States. Gas, food and just about everything else costs more these days. Now, even school children are feeling the effects, with their school lunch.

Schools everywhere are having to make changes to feed their students their school lunch, CBS News recently reported. “In the cafeteria at Meade Middle School in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, they always follow the recipe. But this year they’re also learning to improvise. They used to offer five entrees a day here. Now it’s down to just one. Eighth-grader Elijah Lee has noticed what many students nationwide are seeing —,“ the report said.

Some schools can’t even provide buns or ketchup anymore. Ranch dressing is gone, and mustard, too. There’s also a shortage of healthy options, like carrot sticks.

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“— the shifting and shrinking school lunch menu. Supply chain disruptions and the spiralling (sic) cost of key ingredients has forced school districts to pull back or make substitutions. At some schools, no more hamburgers or chicken patty sandwiches due to problems and the price of buying buns and ketchup. Instead at this school they offer more tacos or bunless options and try to navigate a shortage of healthy options like carrot sticks,” the report states.

Anne Arundel County Schools Food and Nutrition Supervisor Jodi Rise said, “Plates became unavailable. We had to call manufacturers and develop those relationships to say how do we best get the trays we need to service our students.”

Also, according to the report, “a recent survey of school districts nationwide [] revealed that 97% of meal programs reported challenges with higher costs, while 98 percent acknowledge problems getting some menu items, the supplies, and the ingredients.”

Our students are suffering due to Biden’s inflation. They often don’t even have plates to eat the food that they don’t have anymore. Improvisation is fine, but if it is coming at the expense of our kid’s health and happiness, it is not okay. Have your kids complained about their school lunches having changed for the worse? Tell us in the comments.

Stacey Warner

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