Rudy Giuliani Emerges to Completely Dismember Radical Left Wing Agenda at Chicagoland Congressional Fundraiser

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Rudy Giuliani isn’t mincing words! What he said in a recent speech is sure to upset the left.

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During a recent fundraiser for Scott Kaspar, a candidate for Illinois’ 6th congressional district, Former Trump attorney and New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani ripped into the radical left wing agenda. Giuliani was not shy in making his message clear: the left wing agenda is here and it’s destroying our country!

“Those are the people that now control our government [left wingers]”, Giuliani said. “This is why they infiltrate our schools. They don’t want to teach our children arithmetic! Even arithmetic turns out to be all about gender and race. 2 and 2 doesn’t really equal 4, it equals what you want it to equal. It’s absurd what they’re doing to us!” NextNewsNetwork has the exclusive footage,

Giuliani continued, “Right now we’re on an express train for communism and marxism.” “The tax system is being rigged, no longer to really support the government but to redistribute the wealth in the country.”

Giuliani also went on to call out the communist BLM leaders who exploited the movement to make money, the left’s agenda to destroy the family unit, and RINO’s in office who do not serve the interests of the American people.

While Giuliani’s speech was a stark reminder of the strong foothold the left already has in our country, he reminded the crowd that there is hope and you can do something about it – vote!

Although Biden is destroying the country and allowing the radical left wing agenda to run rampant, the American people still have a chance to save it. It will be up to us to vote out the politicians destroying our country and replace them with American loving patriots. Do you agree with Giuliani? What left wing policies are you seeing in your city under Biden? Who will you be voting for in the next election?

Aldo Buttazzoni

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