Kim Kardashian Endorses Republican Rick Caruso for LA Mayor

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Kanye West made no secret that he is a Trump supporting Republican when he was married to Kim Kardashian. Kim herself has been somewhat more low-key about her politics, but she has said she’s a Democrat and she supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. She’s still chummy with her.

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More recently, Kim Kardashian may have started to lean right. In 2021 The Hill reported that Kardashian said, “I believe in the rights that the Democrats want, but I believe in the taxes that the Republicans want.” Now, the reality TV star has come out in favor of Republican candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles, Rick Caruso, reports the Daily Wire.

On Friday, Kardashian posted on Instagram about her choice for Mayor of Los Angeles: “So, I recently met with Rick Caruso, who is running for mayor in Los Angeles, and I don’t typically endorse anyone in politics, ’cause I just really have never been about the politics. But when it comes to my hometown, and I feel like there’s people that can really make a difference… I know the election’s coming up, and I just wanted to share my thoughts on Rick Caruso. I think that he really can help with the crime in our city, which is such a big issue, and super scary, but also the homeless issue. It’s such a problem, and I think that, with him, he can offer a better path to a better life for people that are homeless in California and Los Angeles, and I just, you know, I really believe in what he stands for, and I was super inspired by him and I really believe in him. So if you guys are out voting, Rick Caruso is my choice, and I really believe that he will make a difference, and that gives me hope.”

Caruso responded to Kim’s Instagram video with a Tweet: “Kim, it was a privilege to speak with you and your family about the policies I intend to implement as mayor. We must do better. This is our hometown, and we need to care for our city and her people. Thank you for your confidence. I won’t let you down. #CarusoCan

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Kim Kardashian may be following the line of thinking of Elon Musk and other former Democrats who have seen what a disaster Democratic policies can be. L.A. has seen its crime rate climb and homelessness is rampant, all due to liberal policies. What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s endorsement?

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