Preschool Teacher Uses Flash Cards With Pregnant Man Depicted

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A preschool teacher was called out recently, by a concerned constituent and the school’s principal, for using some controversial flash cards with her tiny students. Wait until you see this.

Representative Erin Paré of the North Carolina House of Representatives was recently contacted by a concerned constituent about some flash cards being used in a preschool class at Ballentine Elementary School. Ironically, Representative Paré represents the Wake District in North Carolina.

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore tweeted about what happened:

The constituent was concerned because a preschool teacher was using “LGBTQIA+” flash cards, one depicting a pregnant man, to teach colors to her preschool pupils. Also concerned, Representative Paré contacted the school’s principal. Being unaware of what was going on in the preschool classroom, the principal checked it out and discovered that, yes, the concerned constituent was correct and flash cards depicting a pregnant man were, in fact, being used with preschoolers.

Speaker Moore, on his website, reports that “[t]he principal confirmed that the flash cards were not part of approved curriculum and that she was unaware that they were being used. The principal immediately took possession of the cards, contacted the WCPSS area superintendent, and engaged human resources.”

Apparently, someone who resembles a “man” can look pregnant.

Courtesy of TLC UK via

In this episode, a trans person who was born female gives birth to a child. They/them likely nurse the child as well, unless they somehow surgically altered their breasts.

Liberals would argue that, because this can happen within the realm of today’s society, all children should have to learn their colors with “woke” flash cards like the ones the North Carolina teacher used. That, however, is preposterous. It’s hard to imagine the confusion in a four year old’s mind when it sees pictures of a pregnant man. Imagine the questions the children might have brought home to mommy and daddy. What do you think of those flash cards and what should happen to the teacher who was using them?

Stacey Warner

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