Republican Senators Demand FBI Give Update About Dangerous Afghans Let Loose in US

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Three Republican Senators trying to protect the United States from terrorism, have demanded that the FBI brief them about large numbers of Afghanistan refugees that were allowed into the United States without proper vetting.

Senators Charles Grassley, Rob Portman and James Inhofe have demanded that the FBI update them about some potentially dangerous Afghan refugees who were allowed to enter the United States even though there were serious red flags, reports James Inhofe, Republican Senator from Oklahoma. Senator Inhofe recently tweeted: “Because of the Biden admin’s rushed & haphazard process, Afghan evacuees were not vetted using all of the tools & data available to DOD. @ChuckGrassley, @SenRobPortman & I are asking @FBIgov for an update on how they are fixing this problem.”

According to the February report of the Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General, it “found that Afghan evacuees were not vetted by the National Counter‑Terrorism Center (NCTC) using all DoD data prior to arriving in CONUS,” which stands for the Continental United States. Additionally, the Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General reported that, “…during their analytic review, NGIC personnel identified Afghans with derogatory information in the DoD ABIS database who were believed to be in the United States.”

Senator Portman of Ohio recently tweeted this: “My statement on @TheJusticeDept federal charges against #Ohio-based alleged ISIS operative using our unsecure southern border to smuggle in terrorists:

Senator Portman’s statement reads: “While I commend the thorough work done by the FBI, DOJ, and Kenneth L. Parker, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, I am alarmed that an alleged ISIS operative has been working in Columbus, Ohio with a pending asylum application. It is clear that the vetting process for our asylum program is broken and the administration must take action immediately to ensure no more terrorists are allowed into Ohio or our country. It is concerning that the alleged ISIS operative was planning to capitalize on our unsecured southern border to smuggle allies in to aid in his plot to murder President George W. Bush, and also claimed to have already smuggled in two individuals associated with Hezbollah. I have reached out to the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the suspect’s claim. I have repeatedly expressed my frustration on the lack of proper screening and vetting for Afghan evacuees after the administration’s chaotic evacuation as well as the need to improve the intelligence and information sharing with other countries for high-risk individuals coming into the United States. The news of this alleged ISIS operative roaming freely in our community only reinforces the need to get our system in order. This incident also serves as an unfortunate reminder that international jihadi terrorists continue to plot attacks against the United States more than twenty years after the September 11, 2001 attacks. The lack of responsible border policies by this administration is allowing terrorists into communities in Ohio and throughout the country. This administration must take action to secure our southern border and improve the vetting of asylum seekers to ensure the safety and security of American families.”

According to the infallible Joe Biden, Afghan refugees would be vetted prior to entering the United States, reported The Hill in August 2021. Biden said, “[p]lanes taking off from Kabul are not flying directly to the United States. They’re landing at U.S. military bases and transit centers around the world. At these sites where they are landing, we are conducting thorough … security screening for everyone who is not a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident. Anyone arriving in the United States will have undergone a background check. Once screened and cleared, we will welcome these Afghans who helped us in the war effort over the last 20 years to their new home in the United States of America. Because that is who we are, that is what America is.” 

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What could go wrong? The man who bungled the entire withdrawal from Afghanistan says refugees from the country would be thoroughly screened. What a crock of liberal BS. Now his own Inspector General is saying refugees were not properly vetted and that some with derogatory information, ie, potentially dangerous people, were released into the United States. Do you think the United States is safe with Biden as President?

Stacey Warner

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