Biden Flees Uvalde Protestors Screaming “Do Something”

Biden was seemingly shouted away from meeting with residents after visiting the shooting victims in Uvalde, Texas.
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In a video taken Sunday after attending a Catholic Service to honor the 21 murdered victims in Uvalde, Texas, Biden was seen strangely interacting with a crowd of onlookers and protestors. His wife and him can be seen shuffling toward a group of people in the video. Some in the crowd start booing the President and yelling “Do Something!”

In response, Biden walks to The Beast, the President’s official motorcade vehicle. Biden steps into the vehicle and says to the attendant crowd, “We will!” He’s seen standing on the step and poking his head above the door to do it. It’s an offhand moment.

El American reporter Anthony Cabassa was on the scene and took video. Watch below.

According to Cabassa in his tweet, he said that secret service told the crowd that the President would shake hands with them but the President then seemingly declined to in the video above. Was it a change in plans or was it in response to the protestors in the crowd yelling at Biden?

“DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING!” Uvalde residents exclaim to President Biden. Secret service told the community President would meet and shake hands with them, but is met with angry chants and instead leaves,” Cabassa reported.

Another reporter, Jorge Ventura, posted on his Twitter that there were definitely protestors down the street from where Joe and Jill visited the memorial for the victims and attended mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Uvalde, Texas. Some of them were reported to be residents by Juan More News.

Another twitter user named BKL asked Cabassa below his tweet, “He didn’t even talk to anyone?”

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“POTUS didn’t speak to anyone in the community at the Elementary, or at the Church visit. The Police set up tape last minute so the President could meet with residents outside, but as he walked to the crowd, chants broke out and some “boo’s” and decided against it,” Cabassa responded.

It seems that Biden chickened out of meeting the crowd in response to the negativity he was receiving. Cabassa caught the moment in all its glory.

Biden was earlier seen being shout at by “demonstrators outside Sacred Heart Church in Uvalde, Texas. Watch below.

The reporter who took the uppermost video of Biden fleeing the crowd, Cabassa, works for the El American. They describe themselves on their website as “a media outlet for freedom-loving Latinos.”

Do you think Biden looked weak in this video? Let us know your thoughts.

Biden Flees Uvalde Protestors Screaming “Do Something”

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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