Biden’s Crisis: Mile Long Line Of Cars Seen Picking Up Baby Formula

michigan parents lined up
The Biden baby formula shortage is getting worse. Look what these parents in Michigan are doing.
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The baby formula shortage has continued to get worse and the Biden administration has been blamed for it’s lethargic response to the crisis. The video shown below highlights how bad it has become and comes amongst news that parents are heading to Tijuana in search of baby formula.

The Biden baby formula crisis has gotten worse in the last few weeks with the out-of-stock rate doubling from April, according to Fox News. Currently, 70% of the nation’s baby formula is out of stock. Take a look at what these parents had to go through in Dearborn, Michigan in response to the shortage.

The reporter in the ABC report refers to the line in Deerborn as nearly “a mile long” and it is assumed it is parents just wanting to make sure they have some for their child. Biden’s administration has given several plausible excuses for what’s caused the crisis, but as the Commander in Chief, his leadership should be scrutinized at such a time.

It’s gotten so bad on the west coast of the United States that some parents have been traveling to Mexico to get their baby formula. Apparently, right across the border in Tijuana, there is no shortage of formula on the shelves.

According to NBC San Diego, Francisco Moreno Fimbres, the public relations director for the chain store Calimax who sells baby formula in Tijuana: “We’ve seen more people coming and asking if we have the product. We do, and they’re pleasantly surprised.”

“We have enough product here in all of our stores,” Fimbes continued. “We invite them to come and purchase here if that’s what they need.”

Most U.S. baby formula production is domestic. Only 2% of the total supply in the United States is imported from countries like Mexico, Ireland and the Netherlands, but the FDA is scrambling to fill the shortage by looking at importing more – after previously rejecting most foreign baby formula.

For any parents that need to know and live near the border in San Diego, NBC 7 asked a Border Protection representative if there was a limit to how much baby formula transported back across the border. He said there are “no issues with a traveler bringing baby formula for personal use across the border.”

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The FDA still recommends against using foreign baby formula, but the stores in Tijuana at Calimax are stocked and ready to go.

Biden finally invoked the Defense Production Act earlier in May, a tool reserved for the Executive Branch which allows the US government to force production facilities to make products we need. Many parents have said that it came too late. Watch two mothers fight below over baby formula below.

Jorge, a local from Tijuana, said, “Well, right now, when I got the formula, I’ve seen two, three people getting formula from the other side. They have it everywhere at the pharmacies, any store.”

“For the folks who live in San Diego county, we have more than enough in our stores,” said Fimbres.

How would you rate on a scale from 1-10 – with 10 being the highest: How well has Biden handled the baby formula crisis? Answer in the comments.

Biden’s Crisis: Mile Long Line Of Cars Seen Picking Up Baby Formula

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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