GOP Congressman Pulls Out Gun During Hearing – Democrat Freaks Out

Congressman Greg Steube shows off his gun during a committee hearing.
Congressman Greg Steube shows off his gun during a committee hearing.
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Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee overreacted when a Republican congressman pulled out 3 guns during a hearing. The congressman was using the weapons to show how restrictive a new Democrat gun control bill would really be.

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Congressman Greg Steube was criticizing the Democrat’s new gun control bill during a committee hearing. Rep Steube, who was participating virtually from his house, had several guns with him to show the inherent flaws of the bill.

The bill restricts clip size on weapons. Steube, who owns several firearms, used them as props to show that the smaller 12 bullet clip size wouldn’t fit in many standard home defense weapons, essentially making them illegal.

Steube began, “Last year in 2021, the Glock 19 was the highest sold handgun in the United States. It comes with a 15-round magazine, that gun would be banned.”

The Congressman then proceeded to pull out his own Sig Sauers as well as a 12-bullet magazine. With each gun he showed that the clips wouldn’t fit into the chambers. He said that these standard 15 and 20 magazine weapons would all be illegal under the new rules.

Steube said, “Right in front of me I have a Sig Sauer P226. It comes with a 21-round magazine. This gun would be banned. Here’s a 12-round magazine, this magazine would be banned under this current bill. It doesn’t fit [because] this gun was made for a 21-round magazine.”

He pulled out his next gun, adding, “Here’s a Sig Sauer 320, it takes a 20-round magazine.”

That’s when Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee had her own freak out, screaming out at the Republican on the webcam, “I hope that is not loaded.”

Immediately seeing the irony in her statement, Rep Steube fired back, “I’m in my house, I can do whatever I want with my guns.”

The Protect Our Kids Act, introduced by Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, would also ban anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing various semi-automatic rifles, requires gun owners to purchase gun safes to keep all of their weapons and equipment, and make it even harder to access bump stocks.

All of these new changes proposed by Democrat politicians are just steps towards banning firearms all together in the US. Biden has already declared the 2nd Amendment is “not absolute”. Do you think they will try and take away all gun rights before his term ends in 2024?

GOP Congressman Pulls Out Gun During Hearing – Democrat Freaks Out

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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