Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Arrested In Airport

peter navarro indictment
Trump adviser Peter Navarro was arrested at the airport leaving for Nashville, Tennessee.
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Former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro was arrested at a DC-airport on Friday before his scheduled flight to Nashville.

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He has been indicted by a grand jury for 2 counts of contempt of Congress after he failed to produce documents and did not show up after being subpoenaed to testify before the House investigative committee on January 6.

Watch him speak after the January 6 indictment on June 3rd where he appeared without an attorney and represented himself. He said that prosecutors were treating him unfairly by arresting him at the airport.

The House voted in April to give the Navarro case to the Justice Department after his refusal to comply with the select committee’s subpoena sent in February.

Navarro refused to cooperate with January 6 investigators and cited President Donald Trump’s executive privilege in doing so. The committee argued that many of the topics they wanted to talk to him about he had already interviewed and written about – so his executive privilege didn’t apply.

At Friday’s appearance, Judge Zia Faruqui told him that he thinks “it’s important that” he has “counsel.” Navarro agreed and is working out his representation with prosecutors.

Watch Navarro’s full statements below.

He is scheduled to appear before court next on June 17.

Navarro previously announced his intentions to lead “the charge” against Biden and Democrats if Republicans take the White House in 2024 on an interview with MSNBC’s With Ari Melber.

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“You bet your a** that I will lead the charge,” Navarro said. “I will take Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin and Nancy Pelosi and Rosa DeLauro – all of those clowns and kangaroos – I’ll take Biden and every single senior staff member in there–”

“And do what?” Melber replied.

“Hit them with subpoenas,” Navarro declared. “We’ll start with the impeachment of Biden for Ukraine, the southern border, all manner of things he is guilty of and we’ll subpoena his senior staff.”

“I will push as hard as I can to use the same B.S. the Democrats are using now to try to put me in prison for standing up for principle,” Navarro said. “If they want to play that game, we’ll play it right back. They’ll hit us, we hit them back harder. That’s not what I want, Ari. Let me be clear. I do not want that.”

The January 6th committee seems to be turning up the heat on Trump’s associates. Do you think Navarro is being mistreated?

Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Arrested In Airport

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