Ben Carson Disagrees With California Task Force That Recommends Reparations

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Recently liberal California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Task Force To Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans released its report. Now, Ben Carson, MD has something to say about it.

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The task force report includes a proposal for reparations and for segregated schools based upon race. Ben Carson spoke with Tucker Carlson recently, regarding the task force recommendations:

Tucker Carlson pointed out that the task force calls for child support forgiveness and free college “all given away on the basis of race.” He further noted that the report wants “tree shade equity” for black people.

Carlson asked Ben Carson what he thinks of the recommendations in the task force report. Carson said, it’s “troublesome… “…the whole concept of reparations…[.]”

Let’s hear more about the task force report:

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He mentions that he does a “deep dive” into the concept of reparations in his book titled Created Equal. He says “you have to recognize that maybe there’s some other factors that are involved in some of the discrepancies that exist between the races. When you look at wealth for instance. Yes, there is a wealth gap, five to ten ‘x’ wealth gap. But, if you look at Ghanaians, and Nigerians, people who have black skins who live in this country, there’s little or no wealth gap. Now, I wonder why that is.”

Fox’s The Five has discussed some reasons for the wealth gap. They say “government bureaucracy by liberals has hurt families, schools and communities.” They think if liberal white people would stop telling black people they are victims, things would get better.

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Ben Carson continued: “If you go and you study those families you’ll find that a bachelor’s degree is the baseline, that’s where you start, and there’s a tremendous emphasis on the family and family structure and faith. Those things make a big difference. And if you take traditional black American families, who have those same values, there’s very little wealth gap there too. So I wondered if perhaps we’re looking at the wrong things, we’re trying to blame somebody else. If you believe you’re a victim, you are a victim. And, you know, you take things like Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, all of those things that try to get black people to feel like they’re victims, they try to get white people to feel guilty. You know, the advantage of making white people feel guilty is then you can defund the police, you can put dangerous criminals out, you can leave the southern border unguarded and nobody will say anything, they’ll just hang their head and hope you don’t call them a nasty name. These are not things that should be going on in America, they just aren’t the right kinds of things to happen.”

Ben Carson understands that this country has not resolved racisms but says, “[l]et’s look at family structure, let’s look at our faith…look at those things that are deteriorating in our society. Look at the things that Marxist leaders said would take down America and see how those things are happening. That’s what we need to be looking at. There’s a reason we have these brains.”

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Dr. Ben Carson, obviously a black American with a brain, obviously successful. We all know other successful black people in America. He says, yes, there are still problems that need to be solved, but we shouldn’t just look at skin color. We must consider family structure, the value placed upon getting an education, faith and the ways in which our society has deteriorated. These are critical considerations to make, if we want to get our society back on track. Can anything be done to stop the tearing apart of America on the basis of color?

Stacey Warner

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