Biden Commerce Secretary Gives Up On Fixing Gas Prices

Biden's Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told CNN seemingly threw in the towel Tuesday on fixing high gas prices.
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On Tuesday, President Joe Biden’s Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told CNN, “There isn’t very much more to be done” when it comes to fixing gas prices.

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The statement was in response to a question by reporter Kate Bolduan asking, “What is actually still on the table to bring gas prices down at this point?” Watch her response next.

Raimando replied, “The reality is that there isn’t very much more to be done.”

She pivoted to say that it was the war in Ukraine and Putin’s fault for the rising gas prices. This has been the standard line out of Biden’s camp.

“Since Putin moved troops to the border of Ukraine, gas prices have gone up over $1.40 a gallon. The President is asking Congress and others for potential ideas,” she continued.

The price of gasoline during the Biden administration rose steadily up until Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Graphic from Zerohedge

On Tuesday, gas prices hit another record high and the line about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as being solely responsible for driving up the price of gasoline is false.

According to the AAA on Wednesday, the national price of gasoline is near $5 on average. In California, the average price per gallon is $6.39.

“Given the global nature of these markets, it’s virtually impossible for us to insulate ourselves from shocks like the ones that are occurring in Russia that move global oil prices,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen mirrored the Biden administration statement about Putin driving up the price of gas in her hearing before the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday.

Despite the prices, consumers are still paying the high prices and traveling has not slowed down, but many are starting to blame Biden and not Russia for the crisis.

Sen. Stabenow Brags About Driving Pas High Gas Prices In her Electric Vehicle (Watch now)

In a recent tone deaf statement, Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow bragged that her electric vehicle allowed her to not care about gas prices. Watch her statement here.

Do you think Biden is responsible for the high-gas prices or Russia? Let us know your thoughts below.

Biden Commerce Secretary Gives Up On Fixing Gas Prices

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