Panic Aboard a British Airways Flight From London to DC As Water Floods the Cabin

British Airways
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For many people, flying is a very scary thing. Any sort of turbulence is terrifying and if something actually goes wrong during the flight, it can cause some people to panic. Long flights are the worst.

A recent British Airways flight was one such flight that had people praying for a safe landing. Transatlantic flight BA292, left Heathrow Airport in London at 10.40pm last Friday and landed in Washington DC at 10.55 on Saturday. The flight, however, was anything but uneventful.

At one point during the flight, which took place on an Airbus A380, which is a double decker plane with two flights of stairs, a relentless flow of water began pouring into the cabin, reports The Daily Mail.

The Sun reported that a crew member aboard the flight was heard to exclaim: “no f****** way.” Nervous flyers were said to be “worried the water [could] damage the avionics wiring and the electrics.”

Here’s what it looked like:
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The airbus, capable of carrying 500 passengers, was flying at 30,000 feet when the waterfall began. Flight attendants tried hard to stop it, but weren’t successful. British Airways told the Daily Mail that “a fault with a water storage unit at the back of the plane flooded the flight of stairs used by economy passengers on the plane.” They also said “[t]here was no safety issue at any point, this was from the clean drinking water supply,” and “[t]he flight continued safely to Washington and landed as normal.” Luckily, the incident happened toward the end of the flight.

British Airways was able to fix the problem and had the plane back in the air the same day.

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That must have been shocking and scary, for passengers and crew alike. Especially until someone figured out what the issue was. Would you have been scared if you were on that flight?

Stacey Warner

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