China Announces They May Have Made Contact With Aliens

China may have made contact with aliens
China may have made contact with aliens
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The Chinese government announced that they may have made contact with aliens from other parts of the galaxy.

The huge declaration was made through Chinese state media source Science and Technology Daily before being promptly deleted shortly afterwards.

According to the initial report, China believes they may have received contact via their Sky Eye telescope, a 1,640-foot-diameter telescope based in China’s Guizhou province made for that purpose. They claim to have picked up on strange electromagnetic signals that their scientists believed could have been sent by extraterrestrial life forms.

In the original article it was revealed that the team of scientists picked up three separate signals. The first two signals came from 2019 but weren’t discovered until 2020 when the team was reviewing data. A 3rd electromagnetic signal was picked up this year, 2022.

The original article cited Zhang Tonjie, chief scientist of an extraterrestrial civilization search team co-founded by Beijing Normal University, the National Astronomical Observatory of China and the University of California, Berkeley. Zhang gave the analysis that the signals could be extraterrestrial in nature while also suggesting they could be from radio interference so more analysis was needed.

The telescope they used, Sky Eye, is the world’s largest full dish radio telescope. It was launched to search interstellar communication signals from potential alien life forms and help detect habitable exoplanets.

While no alien communications have ever been confirmed to the public, the US government has recently been releasing videos of UFOs spotted by the military. NASA is even currently assembling a new team that will “examine unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) – that is, observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena – from a scientific perspective.”

China has the resources to make first contact at this point, and it’s certainly suspicious that they deleted the article after publishing it. Do you think they reached actual space aliens? Do you believe there is other intelligent life in the universe?

China Announces They May Have Made Contact With Aliens

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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