Movement to Boycott Gas Over 4th of July Holiday Grows on Social Media

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Americans may be about to take matters into their own hands, at least with regards to high gas prices at the pumps. Recently a movement to boycott gas from July 3-5 has grown in momentum on social media.

Gas prices have skyrocketed in the United States over the past year. Right now, the average is just under $5.00 per gallon and while that is a slight drop, there’s no expectation for prices to really drop any time soon. Some experts predict prices could hit a $6 a gallon national average by the end of summer.

Organizers of the movement are asking Americans nationwide not to buy gas on these dates as part of an effort to stop price gouging, reports the International Business Times.


#gas #gasoline #boycott if everyone cintributes we will all be better off

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While a gas boycott will show our government how upset we are at the extreme prices, it may not matter long term. Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at gas tracker site GasBuddy says, “I’ve never seen a gas boycott result in anything. Simply shifting demand one day before or after the boycott doesn’t reduce demand enough to make any difference.”
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Maybe we should do it anyway. Americans have been so divided over the last few years, but one thing we can all agree about is that gas prices have gotten out of control. And even if it doesn’t work immediately, it will send a message to Congress and the President that we are fed up and they need to fix this problem or they can look at finding another job in the very near future. Will you participate in the boycott?

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