Dad Attacks Police With Excavator When They Try To Arrest His Adult Son

Father tries to stop Vermont State Troopers from arresting his 24 year old son using an excavator
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Some parents will do anything for their kids, even to the point of it being dumb. One man in Vermont took protecting his son to a whole new level, using an excavator. The disrespect for the law in this family knows no bounds.

In a press release issued by the Vermont State Police, they described “investigating an Aggravated Assault and a Burglary… in Hardwick.” The release continued, saying “when troopers arrived at the scene to take the suspect into custody, Wayne and Amy Tallman began to impede Troopers. Wayne proceeded to operate an excavator and recklessly maneuvered the bucket near the Troopers and their cruisers in an attempt to prevent them from arresting the suspect,” who was their 24-year-old son, Brandon Tallman.

The police were there to arrest Wayne and Amy’s son when Wayne creatively tried to impede the arrest, reports Boston News.  

While law enforcement was struggling to arrest Brandon, first his mom jumped in, then Wayne allegedly hopped into an excavator and started swinging the bucket at the officers. “Hey! Turn it off! Turn it off!” the troopers screamed

The troopers were able to arrest Brandon, then also arrested both Wayne and Tammy. Wayne was charged with aggravated assault on a protected official, resisting arrest, impeding arrest, and reckless endangerment. Amy was charged with impeding arrest.

One person praised Vermont for the whole thing, tweeting: “I lived in VT for 35 + yrs.. This is truly Vermont’s ingenuity and creative problem solving at its finest. Wonderful State Wonderful People..”

Many others felt that, if Excavtor Dad were black, he’d be dead:

What Brian Laundrie said in his written confession to killing Gabby Petito is fascinating. You’ve got to see it.

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and that is definitely true in this case. I mean, who jumps on an excavator and flings the arm about to stop the police from arresting their adult kid? Is there any excuse for this type of behavior? Do you agree the incident would’ve turned out differently if the family were black?

Stacey Warner

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