Mummified Baby Wooly Mammoth Discovered

Wooly Mammoths from the movie Ice Age
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An amazing discovery has recently been found in Yukon, in the northwest corner of Canada, next to Alaska. If you enjoyed the movie Ice Age and liked the wooly mammoths, you’ll love this!

On the afternoon of June 21, a gold miner was doing some work with a front-end loader in Yukon’s Eureka Creek, south of Dawson City, reports CBC News. He hit something hard and called his boss to come look.

According to Dr. Grant Zazula, the Yukon government’s paleontologist, the miner had made the “most important discovery in paleontology in North America.” Zazula added, “I don’t know how to process it all right now, to be honest with you. It’s amazing.” 

When the miner’s boss, Brian McCaughan of Treadstone’s Mining, got to the scene, he stopped all activity at the site and a photo of the discovery was sent to Zazula.

The miner had discovered a fully intact baby wooly mammoth, the first ever found in North America and only the second found in the whole world.

Zasula described the find, saying, “She has a trunk. She has a tail. She has tiny little ears. She has the little prehensile end of the trunk where she could use it to grab grass. She’s perfect and she’s beautiful.” They named her Nun cho ga, which means “big baby animal” in the Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin’s Hän language, which is the culture in the location where the baby was found.

Courtesy of WION via

The body of the baby wooly mammoth measured about 140 cm long. Zazula speculates that she was about 30 to 35 days old when she died and that she died between 35,000 and 40,000 years ago, meaning she lived during the Ice Age.

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This is a truly exciting discovery. To stumble upon a fully intact creature that lived on this earth at least 35,000 years ago is amazing. What do you think of this find?

Stacey Warner

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