Couple in San Francisco Fined Over $1500 For Parking In Their Own Driveway

The driveway at a home in San Francisco where a couple was fined over $1500 for parking in
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Parking in San Francisco, or any big city, can be very difficult. There are too many cars and not enough spots. One couple in San Francisco had it made for almost four decades, with a nice spot right in front of their home. Until they received a ticket.

Judy and Ed Crane have lived in San Francisco in the same home for 36 years. And for 36 years they parked their car in the front driveway, no problem. Until some anonymous neighbor decided to report them to the City Planning Commission.

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It turns out that, unbeknownst to Judy and Ed, there’s a city ordinance “that bans motor vehicles of all kinds from being parked on a carpad or setback in front of a house unless it’s accompanied by a garage or cover,” reports ABC News.

The couple was fined over $1500 and told they can’t park in their own driveway anymore. Judy thought it must be a mistake and contacted the City Planning Department who’d issued the ticket. They said it was no mistake and that they were violating an ordinance.

The couple was told if they can prove that someone had parked either a car or horse and buggy in the driveway since the time the house was built, they might be able to waive the fine. They were able to find a very old photo that they say shows something either pulling in or out of the driveway, but the city said it was too blurry. So the couple now has to park on the very steep hill in front of their home.

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The thing about neighbors is that they can be either great or terrible. Either way, there’s not much you can do about them but move but who wants to have to do that? Ed and Judy Crane have an evil neighbor who has nothing better to do than to cause problems for other people. What would you do if this happened to you?

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