New York City Releases New Nuclear Attack PSA Video

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New York City released a brand new public service announcement (PSA) video explaining how residents should respond in case they are attacked by a nuclear weapon.

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The new video begins with a woman walking on an abandoned New York street, presumably after a nuclear attack. She says, “So there’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why. Just know that the big one has hit. OK. So what do we do?”

She continues by trying to calm the audience down, saying, “While the likelihood of a nuclear weapon incident occurring in/near New York City is very low, it is important New Yorkers know the steps to stay safe.”

The spokeswoman then begins to explain that there are “key, simple steps in the event of such an incident.” She breaks it down into three actions to take when “the big one” hits.

Every New Yorker should “get inside, stay inside and stay tuned”. They then remind the viewer not to use a car as a safe space, despite some vehicles like Telsa advertising themselves as airtight in a nuclear attack. “Don’t go outside until officials say it’s safe,” the PSA says.

The spokesperson continues by explaining what you should do if you are outside when the bomb goes off. “If you were outside after the blast, get clean immediately. Remove and bag all outer clothing, to keep radioactive dust or ash away from your body.”

While basements aren’t necessarily common in NYC, the video does say that anyone with basement access should go immediately.

The spokeswoman then tries to switch back to a more cheery tone (despite still acting like a nuclear bomb just went off in Manhattan), saying “Alright. You’ve got this.”

The release of the video comes as tensions between the United Stats and Russia as well as China reach historic highs. In May of this year alone, Russian state media issued a threat to the United States that Putin could and would wipe out the entire East and West coast with just 4 missiles if we interfered in Ukraine.

Alexei Zhuravlev, a member of Putin’s parliament, on Monday said that Russia’s new Sarmat 2 nuke would create a nuclear mushroom cloud so big it would be “visible from Mexico”.

While not going as far as Russia, China has also threatened to retaliate if the United States interferes in their conflict with Taiwan, which they consider to be part of the People’s Republic of China.

The threat of a nuclear war seems more and more likely by the day as the world becomes increasingly unstable. Do you think more US cities will follow suit and release their own nuclear PSA’s like New York City did or did NYC jump the gun?

New York City Releases New Nuclear Attack PSA Video

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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