“Shut Up B***h!” Toddler Attacks Minnesota Cops

A toddler was seen yelling at police and shouting obscenities at them.
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Shocking footage out of St. Paul, Minnesota, shows a toddler swinging and shouting obscenities at cops. The footage is from last week and was recorded while police were serving a search warrant for a murder suspect at a home, says Alpha News.

Courtesy of NextNewsNetwork via Youtube.com

The short video shows the unknown boy standing in the street wearing only underwear, barefoot, screaming: ‘Shut up b***h!’ at a black police officer wearing an ATF vest and telling him to “shut the f**k up!” The kid can be seen threatening the officer and puffing out his chest.

The kid, who is likely too young to read, then made fun of the officer’s “ugly a** shoes.”


The child can be seen attempting to strike the police and even forcing officers to reach down and block them. Thankfully, they did so with patience and restraint. The kid tries to strike the officer three different times.

A passerby in the video can be seen yelling at the officers and calling one of them “oreo head” – an insult saying a Black person is acting white.

The kids also threw rocks at the police later in the two minute footage.

A journalist for Alpha News, Sheila Qualls, wrote a column featuring the video and shows how children “have been corrupted and abandoned by a system that places no value on the traditional nuclear family” and “eerily similar to the behaviors of rioters who burned and looted Minneapolis two years ago.”

“They cussed, berated, and struck police officers with their fists. This video is disgraceful. Heartbreaking. It is unsettling to law enforcement officers who encounter this behavior daily. It should be frightening to all of us,” Qualls wrote. “It should be embarrassing to leaders who have failed to lead a community toward virtue and morality.”

“We can do better, and we must. Let’s stop playing politics with our children’s lives. I do not believe this is what civil rights leaders wanted for the future of the black community,” she continued. “These children and our country deserve better.”

The video went viral on twitter and many people online were shocked. One user wrote, “So much rage. That’s not normal for a child. Also not normal-out on the street, unsupervised, in their underwear.”

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This is in the same city where George Floyd was killed and crime and murders have gone up shockingly. In 2020, murders jumped by 58 percent after the “defund” the police movement took its toll.

This is the kind of attitude the left is fostering in our children and in our cities. It’s the reason that our inner cities are in decline. Fostering this attitude doesn’t help any community. Where are any of their parents? How would you describe this video in 1 word?

“Shut Up B***h!” Toddler Attacks Minnesota Cops

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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