Indiana Shopping Mall Shooter Shot Dead By Good Guy With A Gun

A good Samaritan killed a shooter in a mall in Indiana.
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Four people including the shooter are dead after a massacre at a shopping mall in Indianapolis. There are two more injured that are being treated at Hospitals nearby. One of the victims is a 12-year-old girl.

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According to Greenwood Chief of Police James Ison, a “good Samaritan with a handgun” shot the shooter who police said was an adult male carrying a rifle and several magazines. The Samaritan is a 22-year-old and is now being hailed as a hero for saving more people.

Officers responded to the call just after 6 PM at the Greenwood Park Mall. Emergency services were on the scene and secured the area. At that time, it was reported that there was no ongoing threat by the time the mall was safe and secure.

“We do know that someone we are calling a ‘Good Samaritan’ was able to shoot the assailant and stop further bloodshed. This person saved lives tonight,” Greenwood, Indiana Mayor Mark Myers released in a statement afterwards. “I am grateful for his quick action and heroism.”

There is no known motive behind the shooting, according to Chief Ison. The victims were four females and one male. It is not known if they were targeted or not.

The NRA tweeted out afterward saying it proved why people should be able to carry firearms.

“We will say it again: The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” the National Rifle Association said in a Tweet on Monday morning.

One mother that witnessed it was in the food court when it happened and described what happened, “And everybody started getting up and running. I got knocked down and separated from two of my kids. Yeah. It was pretty scary. We were locked in a closet and were barricaded with tables and waited until the police arrived and let us out.”

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Do you think this shows that a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun? Is it a case for people to have self-protection? The good Samaritan deserves a medal for his good deed and shows us what true bravery looks like. They ran into the danger and not away from it. Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

Indiana Shopping Mall Shooter Shot Dead By Good Guy With A Gun

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Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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