Immigrants Attempt to Cross into U.S from Mexico through Dangerous Rio Grande River

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A line of illegal immigrants was captured trying to enter America across the Rio Grande through the infamous Eagle Pass, Texas. This is the same area where in July we saw a massive line of immigrants trying to cross.

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“Last night while following immigrants through the Rio Grande, the currents were extremely strong. The Rio Grande is notorious for sweeping people off of their feet which quickly leads to very dangerous situations. The immigrant that fell earlier on was lucky he was traveling with a group, the situation could have been much worse,” said NNN journalist Tayler Hansen.

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“Mexico has recently implemented a new program to combat mass caravans crossing into America. Last night while awaiting for a caravan to cross, Policía was able to intercept them causing the group to be detained and broken apart, significantly dwindling their numbers. Caravans from Tapachula are very common but the Mexican Police have been making it significantly harder for caravans to stay formed.”

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The treatment of migrants at the border has changed significantly under Biden. According to a new Department of Homeland Security memo obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, prosecutions for crossing the country illegally have plummeted by nearly 80 percent since Biden has taken over. This is during a time when border crossings have gone up.

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In 2021, there were only 2896 migrants that were handed over to the US Marshal’s custody for removal. The previous year, there were 13,213 under Trump and 20,604 in 2019. It’s these policies that are driving more people across the border.

In 2021, border authorities encountered 1,734,686 migrants that came across the border. This year there are already more that have crossed, according to US Customs and Border Protection statistics (CBP).

“The lack of accountability from this administration encourages the worst people flooding our borders, criminals, to keep violating our laws until they finally commit a crime so egregious that the Department of Justice is forced to prosecute,” a senior DHS official said to the Free Beacon.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has also decreased their deportations. In 2021, they removed 59,011 illegal immigrants. In 2020, they removed 185,884 of them. That’s a massive decrease of over 70 percent.

“The Biden administration is even failing to live up to the extremely low level enforcement bar it has set for itself,” former ICE Director Tom Homan previously told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Journalist Tara Szczepanski captured the moment three migrant women and one small small child attempted to cross the Rio Grande from Mexico into the U.S.

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Making it worse, Biden has attempted to reduce ICE’s spending power and only focus on great threats to national security, according to CBS.

Last month, Fox’s Bill Melugin captured hundreds of migrants crossing at Eagle Pass, Texas – despite the dangers in doing so.

The Rio Grande Valley is the second most crossed area in the country. El Paso, Laredo and Big Bend are the other three most trafficked areas.

Earlier in May, an immigrant drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass. Guard members could not rescue the migrant, said Fox News at the time. On April 22, Spc. Bishop Evans also passed while trying to save migrants that had gotten trapped in the quick waters in the same area.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has begun shipping migrants awaiting trial to the nation’s capitol in Washington DC to respond. Next News Network covered the results of that program here.

Immigrants Attempt to Cross into U.S from Mexico through Dangerous Rio Grande River

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