Houston Texas To Buy Back Guns

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Liberals who have no concept of self-defense and don’t hunt or think anyone else should, don’t think anyone should have a gun. Texas, a mostly conservative state that respects the Second Amendment, has some liberal areas. One such area is Houston, which has a Democrat mayor. And he wants to buy back your guns.

Courtesy of NextNewsNetwork via Youtube.com

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Commissioner Rodney Ellis have announced that they will buy back residents’ guns on July 30.

“We can’t solve the gun-violence epidemic overnight, but we can take action right now by removing guns from the streets,” Commissioner Ellis said. “Gun buyback programs create an incentive for residents to turn in their firearms. I would argue there are two incentives: one is a gift card, the other is creating a safer community.”

Courtesy of KHOU 11 via YouTube.com

Mayor Turner said, “[t]he Gun Buyback program is part of my One Safe Houston initiative. Our goal is to get unwanted guns off the streets to prevent their use in a crime or an accidental shooting. I thank Commissioner Ellis, Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, and the Houston Police Department for the partnership. But we cannot have a successful event without the public participating in making our streets safer.”

Residents can bring their unloaded weapons and get a gift card in exchange. The gift cards are worth $50 for a nonfunctioning firearm, $100 for rifles or shotguns, $150 for handguns and $200 for automatic rifles.

Here’s what one conservative thinks: “First of all, those prices are insulting. Second, no criminal is going to turn in their guns voluntarily. You might be able to trick some citizens into doing so, but that will change nothing. Try keeping criminals in jails and not letting them out on cheap bonds.”

Victim of white hate-crime what accused of being a Trump supporter

Who would sell their guns back, especially at those prices? Someone desperate for money, that will no longer be able to defend themselves or their families, or people who stole the guns in the first place. They say there will be no questions asked, but if they determine a gun was stolen they will return it to its rightful owner. Will the person turning in the gun still get a gift card? Sounds like lawful gun owners better lock their houses up tight before the 30th in Houston!

Stacey Warner

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