ANTIFA Forced To Retreat After Running Into Bikers

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On Saturday, ANTIFA planned an attack on the Honky Tonk Bar in Salem, Oregon, but were met with surprise resistance by bikers that were there protecting the bar during a barbecue. After the altercation, several local motorcycle clubs have declared their opposition to ANTIFA in the area, according to the Post Millenial.

Reporter Andy Ngo said that Antifa organizer Clifford Phillip Eiffler Rodriguez, who he describes as a convicted fraudster, put together the protest outside the bar. He was previously arrested last year at a riot in Oregon for striking a female officer.

Members of Antifa gathered their minions outside a street protest taking place outside a Planned Parenthood. Eiffler-Rodriguez can be seen in in the blue jacket using a bullhorn to shout at the protestors. There was another confirmed Antifa member named Anthony A. Amoss that was also there. He recently plead guilty in federal court for doing over $164k in damages to a federal courthouse. As is custom, the Antifa members had their faces covered.

However, the peace did not last long when a group of bikers approached the left-wing agitators group across from the Honky Tonk bar. The two groups shortly began yelling at each other and a fight broke out.

“Get off my f—ng car, c—nt,” a woman screams before the fight breaks out.

As the video continues, Antifa can be seen pushing the woman in the biker group and then the fists start flying and the pepper spray came out.

The left-wing group was then forced to retreat. Afterwards, Antifa claimed online that one of their people was sent to the hospital. They did not provide evidence for that claim.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh wrote about the incident saying, “Antifa picked a fight with a biker gang and got chased away in less than two minutes.”

According to Ngo, an Antifa organizer complained online that there was no protection for their members from police, who they often call fascists. There’s a second video below from another angle.

“This is the same Antifa that demand (using violence) that police & the state be abolished,” Ngo explained.

When the group retreated, Antifa called for the group to reform near Gladstone, Oregon, a nearby city. There was a conservative event being held at a racquet ball court, but the agitators were forced to retreat a second time after seeing bikers standing outside the venue.

Last week, the organization put the call out on social media and called on “comrades” to join against the Honky Tonk bar for being a “fascist” bar.

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“We expect the likelihood of police contact to be higher,” one of their posts reads. “We expect this to be a dangerous situation due to the location being friendly and often hosting Proud Boys and other white supremacists.”

Antifa learned why you don’t mess with bikers. They finally tried to pick on someone their own size and learned a valuable lesson. Maybe they should stop drinking so many soy lattes and vegan hotdogs and spend some time learning to fight before people take them seriously. This is all a charade for these people to give meaning to their meaningless lives by causing chaos for everyday Americans. They should be shouted out of the public square just the same as they do to the supposed “fascists” they allegedly hate. Are you glad Antifa got their just desserts?

ANTIFA Forced To Retreat After Running Into Bikers

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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