Sunni Hostin Says Hero Who Stopped Killer In Mall Broke the Law

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The View co-host Sunni Hostin is as liberal as they come. If it were up to her, we’d have no Second Amendment. Luckily, it will never be up to her.

Last week, a 22-year-old hero with a gun stopped a man whose aim was to plow down as many people as possible at Greenwood Park Mall in Indiana. Four people including the shooter died that day, but it would have been more had Elisjsha Dicken not been there and been so courageous.

Sunni Hostin, however, chose to downplay his heroism, saying he was just “lucky” and shouldn’t have had a gun at that mall in the first place because, she said, the mall has a no-gun policy.

Let’s see what The Five had to say about what Hostin said:

Courtesy of Fox News via

Hostin said, “[w]ith that ‘Good Samaritan’ thing — listen, I was trained when I was at the Justice Department in firearms. And I was trained in defensive firearm training. It’s very hard to hit a moving target. It’s hard for people that are trained to hit a moving target. It is very lucky that that Good Samaritan hit that moving target in that way.”

“And he had a gun permit, but he wasn’t supposed to be in the mall with a gun,” Hostin whined. “So he broke the law even though he was a Good Samaritan.”

Dicken’s attorney Guy Relford has challenged Hostin’s claim that Greenwood Park Mall’s gun restriction policy would have prevented his client’s heroic actions. He said, “It certainly has no effect whatsoever on his ability to use force to defend himself or to defend the other people in the mall. He checks all those boxes as perfectly as he possibly could.”

Secret Service agents are starting to “lawyer up,” what are they hiding?

I’m sure if Sunni or one of her kids, or her husband had been at that mall that day, she’d have been singing his praises. Who knows how many lived Dicken saved that day, with his bravery. Does it matter that he broke the mall’s policy?

Stacey Warner

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