Texas Governor Greg Abbott Doubles Down on Sending Migrants to Washington D.C.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now promised to continue sending illegal immigrants to Washington DC and this is as Mayor Muriel Bowser called in the national guard to help the city. Abbott released a statement going after the Mayor saying that now she can “finally understand…” what border states deal with everyday.

“Washington, D.C. finally understands what Texans have been dealing with every single day, as our communities are overrun and overwhelmed by thousands of illegal immigrants thanks to President Biden’s open border policies,” the Governor’s spokeswoman Renae Eze wrote in a statement released to the Washington Examiner. “If the mayor wants a solution to this crisis, she should call on President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border — something he has failed to do.”

DC’s mayor Muriel Bowser called in the national guard to help with the migrants that are now overwhelming city resources. Bowser now claims that 4,000 migrants have been shipped in from Republican border states and are now in a “humanitarian crisis” that has reached a “tipping point.”

Here’s what Bowser said in a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in July.

“The migrant crisis facing our city and our country through cruel political gamesmanship from the Governors of Texas and Arizona must be dealt with at the federal level,” her note read.

According to News4 Washington, the Department of Defense has confirmed that they received the letter but they cannot respond on whether it will respond to the Mayor’s request.

“The Secretary takes this request for assistance very seriously. He and his team are working through the details, and will respond to the mayor’s office as soon as a decision has been reached,” a DOD spokesperson said.

Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey have shipped thousands of illegal immigrants via chartered bus to Washington DC from their respective border states.

Bowser wants help manning a processing center for the migrants and in an ironic move is arguing that she needs the national guard’s help because “immigration is a federal issue.” She’s right and this is has been a common Republican talking point, but it is funny to see a Democrat arguing that point now that they cannot handle the wave of migrants.

This comes on the heels of news from Wednesday that immigration officials found 60 adult illegal immigrants and 13 children being stashed in houses that were being operated by human smugglers in northwest Washington D.C. This is in one of the most affluent neighborhoods of DC where the median home price is $750,000.

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Now finally Democrats are dealing with what Republicans on border states have known the whole time. Illegal immigration strains our resources and leads to more crime. We love immigrants. They built this country and will continue to build it, but we cannot let in millions of people unchecked. That’s not how any of this works. What do you think of Abbott’s move? Should they increase their shipments?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Doubles Down on Sending Migrants to Washington D.C.

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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