Steve Bannon Fights With PBS Reporter Over Left’s Destruction of our Middle-Class

Steve Bannon argued with the PBS reporter over the destruction of the middle class from liberal policies.
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In a recent segment, Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon got into a shouting match with PBS reporter Margaret Hoover during an episode of the Firing Line when discussing the destruction of the middle class under liberal policies.

Bannon was using his time to talk about middle-class workers and called them the “backbone” of America.

Hoover then shot back and said that this sort of thinking was “backward-looking” to want a manufacturing economy like we had in the 1950s.

“The backbone of the United States of America has always been working-class and middle-class people. What we have to do is have a party that understands their needs, that particularly understands the ability of wages,” Bannon said.

“I’m a protectionist. I believe you have to have a strong manufacturing base and working-class people, middle-class people. I’m gonna tell ya there is going to come a point in time  that the family unit that I was so blessed to come up with a mother that could stay at home with her five kids and a father who could work a blue-collar job as a foreman and pay for Catholic school that days ahead of us,” he continued.

“That’s all policy…One of the problems we have with family formation is that these economic policies has really let the world unfairly compete. Remember, here is the thing with millennials, they are like 19th-century Russian serfs, they are in better shape, they have more information, they are better dressed, but they don’t own anything.”

The reporter immediately accused Bannon of looking back to a time when America was more racist – a classic tactic by the left-wing.

Bannon then clarified that he was discussing the economy of the 1950s as being ideal and praised having households that raised children with a parent present.

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Bannon then said that he admired AOC for her “rock star” energy despite not liking her policies. He claimed that under Trump she became the third-most powerful politician in the country.

“We’ve got too many lawyers and not enough bartenders,” said Bannon. He then continued by saying that the Republicans need more people that have lived real blue-collar experiences like her.

Bannon clearly has no problem speaking his mind and he regularly does so on his show the War Room. He was a key part of the Trump 2020 campaign and has been fighting for the MAGA movement since its inception. Do you think he is right about the middle class and his points about AOC? Let us know your thoughts.

Steve Bannon Fights With PBS Reporter Over Left’s Destruction of our Middle-Class

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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