A Man Attempted to Rape a Woman In Broad Daylight While She Was Walking Her Dog In NYC

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New York City can be a fun place to visit. Or at least it used to be. Now, you can’t even go outside without fear of becoming a crime victim. One lady in Brooklyn found that out this weekend when a man tried to rape her while she was walking her dog in broad daylight.

A thirty-year-old woman took her small dog for a walk Saturday morning around 8:00 a.m. in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn in New York City. Suddenly, a man approached her from behind, put her in a chokehold and pulled her to the ground. All of this happened right on the sidewalk.

Courtesy of CBS New York via YouTube.com

The New York City Police Department is searching for the man, who can be seen in the photos and videos of the incident. There is a reward of up to $3,500.

The man continued to strangle the woman while sexually assaulting her. At some point, the woman was able to “fight off” the suspect, and he fled east on Woodbine Street, according to police, reports the New York Daily News. The woman suffered neck and face injuries and sought treatment at the Interfaith Medical Center, according to police.

Police describe the suspect as 5’8″, around 30 years of age, medium build, dreadlocks, mustache, and chin hair. He was last seen wearing a black baseball cap with a rose design on it, a black T-shirt, black shorts, and black sneakers.

One Bushwick resident, Shane Williams, said “[t]his is usually a safe neighborhood, but that’s ridiculous. The last few months it has been getting really bad around here. I usually walk my dog on the same block, too, so it’s really sad.”

“It’s putting us on alert now,” Bushwick resident Hector Leguillow said.

“I don’t go outside. I stay home all time,” a woman added.

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People are getting brutally attacked in the streets in broad daylight in liberal-run cities like New York and Los Angeles. Their criminal justice “reforms” aren’t working and are, in fact, making crime worse. Will liberals ever get it?

Stacey Warner

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