US May Have Chopped Up al Qaeda Leader With Top Secret Spinning Blades

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The United States has wanted to kill Ayman al-Zawahiri, who took over the leadership of al Qaeda after the U.S. took Osama bin Laden out, since 9-11. He helped Osama bin Laden orchestrate the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001, and he needed to go. Based on witness accounts, the U.S. might have even used a top-secret, grisly weapon to take Ayman al-Zawahiri out.

The Daily Beast reports:

Ayman al-Zawahiri died in a drone attack that reportedly did not cause an explosion, which experts way may indicated that the U.S. used its “favorite secret weapon.

The brutal terrorist died on the balcony of a pink house in Kabul, Afghanistan. A neighbor said that they heard a loud noise, but did not see an explosion or smoke and fire, like is normally seen with a bomb or missile attack.

This led some experts to conclude that the U.S. military may have used its “flying Ginsu” to kill al-Zawahiri. The weapon has blades and is described as being as brutal as it sounds. The real name for the weapon is R9X Hellfire missile.

Courtesy of India Today via

The Daily Beast reported:

The precision capability of the weapon means there is less chance of collateral damage. And in fact, there were no civilians killed in the hit on Zawahri. The telltale sign of its use is that there is no explosion. In the case of Zawahiri, 71, only the windows of the balcony, where he was standing alone, were shattered.

The U.S. does not admit to having and using the Hellfire missile but many new sources outside of the United States are reporting that that’s exactly what the U.S. used to kill the terrorist.

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Many non-U.S. sources are reporting that the United States chopped one of the terrorists responsible for 9-11 up. Why would the U.S. not want to admit to using it? Wouldn’t most people be perfectly fine with killing al-Zawahri in this manner, especially since it is so precise and prevents collateral damage?

Stacey Warner

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