Elderly Asian Woman Brutally Attacked By 4 Juveniles In San Francisco Apartment

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San Francisco is not a good place to be anymore. Crime is rampant and it’s not even safe to leave your home, as evidenced by what recently happened to an elderly Asian woman.

Fox News reports:

A 70-year-old San Francisco woman was brutally beaten by four attackers in broad daylight at her apartment complex.

Mrs. Ren had spent the last two years in her apartment over fears of COVID-19, opting to leave for the first time Sunday only to be met by a mob of attackers in the hallway of her apartment complex.

Footage of the incident shows suspects kicking and punching Mrs. Ren in the face as she lies on the ground. She attempts to retreat to the hallway, but was unable to close the door. The suspects return again to steal her keys and begin taking turns assaulting her.

“I never expected this to happen to us, even though we saw a lot of reporting,” said the daughter, Mrs. Zheng, alluding to local reports of anti-Asian hate crimes and attacks that have happened in the city.

What those juveniles did to that elderly woman is unconscionable. To rarely go out, then to meet what she met when she did is terrifying. She may never feel safe again. Is anyone safe in any of our liberal-run big cities?

Stacey Warner

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