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That is right the Biden Administration is setting the stage to take even more money from your pocket  in order to fund the federal government.

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INTRO. Let’s set the Wayback machine all the way back to 2013. How many of us remember when the Obama Administration used the IRS to Target conservatives, and deny their applications for tax-exempt organizations- halting the tea party movement in its tracks. Now let’s skip ahead to present day Biden is already on record stating that he wants to take a look at anybody’s bank account that has over $600 in it. The public outcry that happened after that was so immense, that Biden had to publicly back away from that idea. Now he’s looking at it from a different point angle. Recently with the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act allowed the Irs enough money to hire 87000 additional agents. The Democrat Elite want you to think that they are only going to target multibillion-dollar Corporations and people making  over $400,000 a year –Yeah right. 

Fox News reports. According to Sen. Kennedy, R-La., President Biden and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., will regret bolstering the IRS.

Kennedy told “The Faulkner Focus Biden and Manchin are,  “going to unleash the IRS on the American people,”  

Watch the exchange

Now looking back to 2013 when everybody thought that the IRS had the best interests of the American people at heart, although nobody really liked them, it just seemed like another boring government agency – and oh were we wrong.

Fox news reported , ”the Committee found that Ms. Lerner used her position to improperly influence IRS action against conservative organizations, denying these groups due process and protection rights under the law.” For years, we’ve been demanding that Lois Lerner and others be held accountable for their roles in this scandal.

Lets watch

Now can we honestly trust an administration that has already publicly stated that Biden wants to have a hand, an eye, and an auditor in every single bank account over $600. Their goals are not altruistic, but previously the American people stopped the Biden administration from enacting crazy plans, maybe we can do this again now. Only with your help we can get this done. 

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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