Texas Police Dept says “sorry not sorry” after backlash for photo with Kyle Rittenhouse

Texas Police Dept says "sorry not sorry" after backlash for photo with Kyle Rittenhouse
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A Texas Police Dept is in hot water after posting a photo of themselves with Kyle Rittenhouse

It wasn’t long after a Texas Police Dept posted a photo of themselves on social media with Kyle Rittenhouse and now they’re under fire from the woke liberal mob.

According to Breitbart, When a “woke mob” demanded an apology over a photo of an officer posing with Kyle Rittenhouse during a traffic stop, a Central Texas police department refused to apologize.

A photo of a police officer posing with Kyle Rittenhouse was posted on Facebook by the Thrall, Texas, Police Department. Following a traffic stop, the photo was taken.

Courtesy of Thrall, Texas, Police Department via Facebook

Officials said in the post. “Make those stops, you never know who you might meet. Today it was Kyle Rittenhouse, welcome to Texas.”

Following criticism from woke activists, the department added, “I must have missed something, I believed that this young man was arrested, charged, indicted and then found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Is this not how our country works anymore? The hate in these comments is terrible, if you have information that is contrary to that I would honestly love to hear it.”

Over 10,000 reactions were received to the post, but none were angry or sad. Nearly 6,500 reactions were “laughs” or “loves.”
Between Austin and College Station, Thrall is located in Central Texas. There are fewer than 1,000 people living in the community.

Kari Ashpaugh, one commenter, criticized the department, saying, “Sick you are making him out as a hero. Shame on your officer and this department,”

The department didn’t say who the officer was or what led to the chance meeting.

The department refused to remove the photo after receiving more than 1,800 negative comments.

The hate of course came from what Rittenhouse did during the 2020 summer of love riots

Breitbart reported that Rittenhouse was facing two murder charges, one attempted murder charge, and two reckless endangerment charges relating to a melée near midnight on August 25, 2020.

Earlier that night, Rittenhouse and a group of armed volunteers guarded a burned-out car dealership. A rioter named James Rosenbaum chased Rittenhouse after he put out a fire, reaching for Rittenhouse’s AR-15-style rifle. Rittenhouse shot Rosenbaum four times, killing him.

Also nearly hit was Daily Caller journalist Richie McGinniss, who was covering the riots. Rittenhouse then attempted to flee toward police officers as a crowd chased him. Unknown assailants struck him with a rock and kicked him in the face.

The picture the police took with Kyle never should have been controversial. Rittenhouse was acquitted for his actions during the riots and the police had every right to take that photo. It’s great to see them not backing down for the leftist mob.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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